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Tổng quan về Motu 8A

Stellar Performance in a Portable Hybrid Interface

If you're looking for an audio interface with high-end sound, ultra-low latency, and generous I/O, you're in luck. The MOTU 8A exhibits excellent sound with an impressive 123dB of dynamic range, by virtue of ESS Sabre32 DAC technology. Round-trip latency as low as 1.6ms at 96kHz via Thunderbolt and 1.9ms via USB make recording a trouble-free endeavor. Connecting your line-level gear is easy, with 34 total channels of I/O on tap. Employ the 8A as a standalone mixer, or enjoy wireless control from your tablet, smartphone, and laptop. The MOTU 8A hybrid audio interface also features a DSP mixer for latency-free routing, and a range of useful digital effects.

High-end converters, ultra-low latency, and ample I/O offer top-shelf performance

Sweetwater and MOTU have enjoyed a long-standing relationship, due to MOTU's products offering our customers superb sound and solid performance. The 8A follows suit, packing top-notch sound, impressively low latency, and ample I/O into a portable half-rack enclosure. Renowned ESS Sabre32 DAC technology delivers 123dB of dynamic range, ensuring that the 8A's analog audio quality can hang with the most impressive gear on the market. Optimized drivers yield round-trip latency as low as 1.6ms at 96kHz via Thunderbolt and 1.9ms via USB. Packed with connectivity, the 8A includes eight analog inputs, eight analog outputs, and a stereo headphone output. The 8A also supplies you with eight channels of digital I/O via ADAT.

DSP-fueled mixer with EQ, compression, and effects

The MOTU 8A's built-in digital mixer delivers large-console-style mixing with 48 channels, 12 stereo buses, and 32-bit floating-point effects processing, so building complex, latency-free routing schemes is a piece of cake. And routing is extremely flexible. Send any input to any output, or even multiple outputs. Add Classic Reverb, with lengths up to 60 seconds. Sculpt your sound with a 4-band British parametric EQ. Apply vintage compression that's modeled after the legendary LA-2A. The 8A's mixing and effects DSP engine exhibits virtually unlimited headroom and outstanding sound quality.

Control everything from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone

If you connect a wireless router to your 8A, you can access all of its internal mixing functions, including effects and processing on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, turning this powerful audio interface into a fully capable standalone mixer. Best of all, the control software is web-based. It runs in your favorite web browser on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android — basically anything — as long as it's on the same network.

Expand your system with additional AVB networkable audio interfaces

Another extremely cool use of the 8A's Ethernet connection is the ability to link more MOTU AVB-equipped audio interfaces to it. You can do this in one of two ways: directly via a simple Ethernet cable or as part of an audio network via one or more MOTU AVB Switches. If you go with just a single Ethernet cable, you can easily link a second 8A or other AVB-ready device directly to your first one. With MOTU AVB Switches, you can create an audio network of up to five units, potentially linking hundreds of channels of I/O across multiple rooms. And since it's all over standard Cat-5e Ethernet cable, latency and long cable runs aren't an issue.

Mua sản phẩm tại:

Địa chỉ cửa hàng: 30/22/28 Phùng Văn Cung - P7 - Quận Phú Nhuận - TP.HCM (Bách hoá xanh đi thẳng lên 4 căn)


Hotline: 0328282117 (Tư vấn mua hàng)

Motu 8A

    • Computer Connectivity:Thunderbolt, USB 3, AVB Ethernet
    • Form Factor:Half Rack / Desktop
    • Simultaneous I/O:8 x 8
    • A/D Resolution:Up to 24-bit/192kHz
    • Built In DSP/FX:Yes
    • Analog Inputs:8 x 1/4" (line in)
    • Analog Outputs:8 x 1/4" (line in)
    • Digital Inputs:1 x Optical Toslink (ADAT, SMUX, S/PDIF)
    • Digital Outputs:1 x Optical Toslink (ADAT, SMUX, S/PDIF)
    • Headphones:1 x 1/4"
    • USB:1 x Type B 3.0
    • Thunderbolt:1 x Thunderbolt 2
    • Data I/O:Thunderbolt 2, AVB Ethernet
    • Software:MOTU Discovery App (included), AudioDesk 4.0 (download)
    • OS Requirements - Mac:OS X 10.8 or later, iOS
    • OS Requirements - PC:Windows 7 or later, Android
    • Rack Spaces:Half Rack
    • Power Supply:12-18V DC power supply
    • Height:1.75"
    • Width:8.6"
    • Depth:7"
    • Weight:2.2 lbs.
    • Manufacturer Part Number:9360
  •         1. Thời hạn bảo hành 2 năm - 1 đổi 1 trong 30 ngày, trong 2 năm có vấn đề do nhà sản xuất hãng sẽ đổi mới sản phẩm khác (không sửa chữa)

    Lưu ý: Sản phẩm phải được mua từ Đại lý Ủy Quyền.
            2.  Thời hạn bảo hành chỉ có giá trị với người mua hàng mới đầu tiẽn. Nếu hàng mua lại đã qua sử dụng thì sẽ không được bảo hành.
            3.  Khi khách hàng mua mới hàng của MOTU, khách hàng phải đăng ký bảo hành trên website của MOTU với thời hạn 90 ngày kể từ ngày mua từ “Đại lý Ủy Quyền”
            4. Bảo hành chỉ có giá trị cho những máy được mua từ chính nhà “đại lý Ủy quyền” của MOTU. Bạn không thể mua hàng tại Mỹ và yêu cầu bảo hành tại Việt Nam.
            5. Nếu máy của khách hàng bị hư hỏng do tai nạn thì sẽ không được bảo hành. Chỉ có bảo hành nếu hàng mới bị lỗi.
            6. MOTU sẽ không sữa chữa nếu hết hạn bảo hành!
            7. MOTU sẽ không tính phí sữa chữa khi bảo hành. Khách hàng phải chỉ phải chịu chi phí vận chuyển 1 chiều từ Việt Nam đi Mỹ.

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